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USA Today – Difficult Challenges for Leader in Newspaper Subscriptions

USA Today – Difficult Challenges for Leader in Newspaper Subscriptions

USA Today is the leading daily newspaper. Its daily circulation is approximately 3 million copies (days of the week). This is the second largest daily broadcast in the world after the Times of India. The document is distributed in fifty states and in some countries of the world, such as Puerto Rico and Guam.

The newspaper survived the danger of distributing a color newspaper throughout the country through vending machines that resemble televisions. They were also the first to introduce satellite content distribution, in order to distribute publications across the United States. Previously, there was a strong distribution at travel points and hotels, except for the usual newsstands.

The most important feature of USA Today is its ability to simplify information – dividing it into easy-to-understand information that can be absorbed by a large population. The document is divided into four main sections: news, sports, money and life, which are also color-coded to help people get to know them more easily.

With the digitalization of content on this domain due to the widespread use of the Internet and mobile network, the newspaper will need to find ways to penetrate these new markets and take advantage of lost sales. Observed daily in the entire newspaper industry.

As e-book reader technology evolves and audiences embrace technology, it is possible to see widespread adoption in the coming years of numbers of digital newspapers distributed electronically through Kindle-like devices. .

According to web trends, Gannett has created a website, USA Today, which has become one of the best players on the Internet and ranks first among the top 1000 companies. This site serves daily as an information portal and provides subscription services to USA Today worldwide. About 5 million Internet users visit the site every month, most of them Caucasians between the ages of 35 and 60, and their annual income is between $ 30 and $ 60,000.


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